Leading Specialist Selection

Leading Specialist Selection

Key Individuals in the Company

Leading client managers, key specialists, and production managers – these are positions within the company responsible for ensuring successful processes so that the company operates efficiently, production processes are well-planned, all problems are diagnosed, identified, and addressed promptly, and the company operates within its capacity to maximize output without interruptions. Specialist recruitment is a process where technical knowledge, experience, and problem-solving ability are highly valued. In most cases, when selecting an appropriate candidate for a specialist position, specialized professional knowledge is the most critical factor. To assess a candidate's professionalism, a recruitment specialist must also have knowledge of the field and the ability to evaluate the candidate's level of knowledge. ARIKO ReServ has experience in selecting specialists in fields such as pharmaceuticals, commerce, marketing, finance, manufacturing, IT, real estate, marketing, finance, IT, human resources, manufacturing management, procurement management, and logistics.

In specialist recruitment, tests and interview techniques are often used to assess candidates' professional competence. Depending on the field, candidates may need to complete practical tasks to demonstrate their abilities, knowledge, and situational understanding.

ARIKO ReServ is a leading provider of specialist selection services that helps companies find and attract top-notch specialists in various industries and functions. Our experience and understanding of the job market allow us to provide high-quality and sustainable recruitment solutions that meet the needs and goals of our clients.

Client References

"We are delighted with the smooth cooperation with ARIKO ReServ - the right understanding of our needs, the selection/suggestion of suitable candidates, the constant constructive discussion of the recruitment process, and the successful result - we have great new colleagues :)"

Ingrida Armonaitienė
HR project manager

"ARIKO ReServ knows the pharmaceutical industry in Latvia/Baltics very well. It understands the market specifics and needs, and it does not require extensive preliminary study to accomplish complicated recruitment projects. Collaboration with ARIKO ReServ is always very professional, constructive, and easy."

Jānis Dobelis
Country Manager of Accord Healthcare Latvia

"At times we cooperate with ARIKO ReServ in our search for technical and sales specialists as well as heads of structural units. Our headhunting projects are not simple since the spectrum of competencies that we are looking for in our candidates is quite vast. ARIKO ReServ has a good understanding of the market, and it is easy to work with the project manager in the recruitment process benefiting from the structural approach and the professional evaluation of the candidates. We appreciate that ARIKO ReServ observes the agreed time schedule and feels responsible for the candidates it has brought. We have found several highly valuable employees through our cooperation with ARIKO ReServ."

Dzintra Rubule
HR Manager Baltic, HR People & Leadership coordinator Siemens Osakeyhtio

"ARIKO ReServ has been supporting NIVEA Polska (Beiersdorf) in recruitment processes in the Baltic market for several years. We are very satisfied with the high quality of service in each of the recruitment processes to date. ARIKO ReServ Experts have a good understanding of the market and are very familiar with the FMCG and PHARMA industries. Recommended candidates are very well matched to the required competency profiles and company culture. Recruitment projects are conducted efficiently and effectively. Cooperation with ARIKO ReServ is very professional and successful. We have found some very valuable employees, both for expert and managerial positions. I can confidently recommend ARIKO ReServ as a trustworthy, reliable and effective partner offering high quality services."

Emilia Orzechowska-Dudar
HR Business Partner NIVEA Polska Sp. z o.o.