15 years of experience in the Baltic market, wide network of contacts and good understanding of the main industry trends helps us find the right people. To attract to organizations the highest caliber talents, we rely on a tested detailed methodology. We follow the market developments – for each project we perform the due diligence. We never confine ourselves to the existing contacts and databases.

Our goal is to find the best candidate for the job, not just scan the pool of active job seekers. Due to our good contacts, cooperation partners and modern technologies we can easily access candidates all across the Baltics. The candidates that we find not only successfully do their jobs and ensure the company’s performance results, but the new jobs are a successful next step in their future careers, which is an even bigger benefit to the company.

ARIKO ReServ is recruiting executive and middle level managers as well as leading specialists for all the main business functions, like sales, marketing, finance, IT, human resources, industrial management, procurement and logistics.

In the recruitment we basically use the so called executive or direct search method which means contacting the potential candidates directly, since this method ensures the best results in finding appropriate qualification candidates from the industries that the client is interest in. If the client chooses so, we can also publish job advertisements thus attracting candidates who are currently looking for jobs and are motivated to work in the respective enterprise.

ARIKO ReServ provides the full recruitment process including the following:

  • Getting to know the client company, drafting the job description and job requirements
  • Finding candidates and initial screening
  • Detailed interviews, matching the candidate’s personality, competencies, motivation with the specific job
  • Client’s meeting with the most suitable candidates in the final interviews
  • Thorough assessment of the most suitable final candidates
  • Guarantees during the probation time, consultations.