Job Placement Services

Job placement service is a special consultation for the employees of the client company in case of a termination or a job change. It is especially important during the time of company’s downsizing. In many countries job placement is a highly sought after service – it is an example of best practices in the human resource management demonstrating the level of the organization’s social responsibility.

The main objective of the job placement is to help employees be better prepared for finding a new job. Sometimes companies use this service during the replacement of the executive level managers.

Job placement consists of 4-6 individual meetings consisting of:

  • Practical and emotional support during the change process
  • Assessment program that helps the employee understand his/her strengths and weaknesses in the job market as well as the development potential
  • Consultations about the job market situation and current remuneration levels
  • Marketing of skills, preparation of CV and application letter, preparation for job interviews and salary negotiations
  • Support and advice during the job search and setting of goals for the future career