Assessment and Development

Assessing is an essential part of the recruitment process that helps to obtain an objective and comprehensive view of the candidate. In addition, ARIKO ReServ offers it as a separate service for assessment of the existing company’s employees/managers and candidates, or to help with the planning of their future development.

Standard Assessment
Interview with a consultant, psychological tests, feedback to the candidate about the test results, gathering of recommendations.
During the assessment process we focus on four main questions important to all employers:

  1. Competency: is this candidate/employee capable of doing this job?
  2. Motivation: does this candidate/employee want to do this job?
  3. Compatibility of the individual/organization: does this candidate fit into the existing team?
  4. Potential: How is this candidate going to develop? What will he/she be in the future?

In order to evaluate the final candidates selected in the recruitment process, a broader assessment method - the assessment center - can be chosen.

Assessment Center

One of the most widely recognized assessment methods in the world the results of which are commonly used as a foundation of the leadership development programs.

The goal of the assessment center is to clearly determine which of the competencies are adequately developed so that the managers can rely on them in their daily work, and to identify those which are underdeveloped.  This method helps to see how well the competencies match the job requirements, and to discover the individual’s potential.

The assessment process is as close as possible to the real life situations in order to obtain a view of the candidate’s/ employee’s competencies in the most direct way – observing the behavior of the person. The assessment process entails various situation simulations: role plays, group discussions, document analysis exercises, as well as interviews with the consultant and psychological tests.

Assessment center can be also used to evaluate the final candidates selected in the recruitment process.

In our recruitment and assessment projects we use different psychological tests, choosing the most appropriate for the particular assessment objective.

The basic personality test that ARIKO ReServ uses in its recruitment and assessment projects is the Finnish company’s Management Consulting and Training survey MCT Analysis.

When necessary, we use different other tests. Please contact our consultants and together we will find the most suitable solution for your business and your human resource needs.
More about MCT Analysis

MCT Analysis

  • Test to understand the personality in the job context
  • Test is suitable for both the individual assessment and team development
  • In addition to the graphical report we provide detailed explanation write-up prepared by the consultant
  • Test is available in Latvian, Russian, Estonian and English languages
  • Test is developed by Finnish company Management Consulting and Training